Allana Olson

Allana Olson (she/her and they/them) started Design&Tech Happy Hour in 2015 and co-founded Technicians for Change in 2016, later merging the two. Allana has spent her career working in Minnesota’s Twin Cities in various technical (not design) roles. She currently works at the University of Minnesota’s Northrop (a roadhouse) as the Lighting Supervisor and is a member of IATSE Local 13. She provides overall leadership for TFC, and has a hand in most-everything else that TFC does (but is happy to give away duties! please help!). Allana can sometimes be found geeking out on worker misclassification, workplace safety, anti-racism, or sunsets. She has a partial-permanent disability, which has led her to a life of activism.

Articles Written by Allana: Worker Classification Defined, Technicians for Change Origin Story, MPR Interviews Technicians for Change, Recap of Discrimination and Harassment Law Discussion, Rallying Cry, Impressions from Earned Sick and Safe Time for the Performing Arts, Having an Effective Talk About Inappropriate Behavior, Why We Happy Hour, and Advocacy Matters More Than Ever

Photos or Art by Allana: Right-to-Work Laws

Ways to Connect with or
Facebook @ Allana Olson or TechniciansforChange

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