Who We Are

We are a grassroots organization in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota made up of technicians, designers, and stage managers in various fields of the entertainment industry. We volunteer our time and resources (including personal financial support) to build a stronger community. Let us know what’s going on where you are; let’s share ideas for change.

The Steering Committee

Photo of Andrea, wearing green eyeglasses, smiling.


Expertise: Costumes

Interests: Compensation and equity in contracts, representation, collaboration.


Expertise: Production Management, Audio

Interests: Work/life balance.

Photo of Kiki laughing.


Expertise: Lighting, Carpentry

Interests: Safety, work/life balance, worker’s rights, libraries.

Photo on Roger wearing a headset and glasses.


Expertise: Scenic construction, Rigging, Run crew

Interests: Canoeing/kayaking, waterfalls, gardening.

Contributors At Large