Rallying Cry

by Allana

Published December 2018

Technicians for Change is you.  It’s a collective of people who are made up of your industry and who are here to help you. It’s like a union, without all the formalized protocols and (honestly) legal credibility.  It’s the heart of what made unions come into existence in the first place.

And although our industry already has a couple unions and many of our members are also members of those unions, we formed to create something different.  We formed across union and across employer lines – to protect, support, and grow our industry as a collective. We want people to participate and not just ride on the coattails of someone else’s work. We want people to shape and share the power – not to reinforce inequity.

In corporate America, one’s work is core to their identity.  When you choose an industry to be your home, spend most of your waking life, and earn your living, you are joining a pack.  That pack has an obligation to you, just as you have an obligation to that pack.  Your citizenly obligations to vote and pay taxes is an insufficient minimum for your participation in the collective that takes care of you.  We believe that your showing up, doing your job, and enjoying your pay is insufficient participation in the industry that invested in you and that needs your help to invest in others. 

We want to hear from you. We want you to show up.  What are you struggling with?  What have you learned?  Where do we need to show up and will you come along?  Talk to us.  Join us. Let’s build this thing together.

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