An announcement from our steering committee:

The community we have gathered and witnessed as Technicians for Change is inspiring, aspirational and powerful. Nothing can change the fact that when we come together to educate, connect, and empower one another amazing things are possible. 

As an organization we’re restructuring: figuring out how we prioritize our talents and abilities and how we make sure we can continue to show up in the places we’re called to be. 

For the foreseeable future, we are discontinuing the quarterly newsletter. We will maintain our website, and we are happy to use it as a platform for anyone who wants to write pieces about our shared interests of workers’ rights and protections in the wide industry of entertainment production. Submissions can be sent via our webform (, and we will make our editorial team available to those authors who want to receive feedback and have their work published under our umbrella. 

We owe a bottomless debt to Allana Olson for marshaling the desire for change and the energy to accomplish it. Her vision of a  movement that could include everyone continues to guide us as we step back to consider how best we can continue to be of service to our community. 

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