Design (in a Time of Reckoning)

By Katherine Freer and Porsche McGovern

Originally published on February 22nd, 2021 by HowlRound

What would it mean to have a culture of justice in theatrical design? This week, we are uplifting the work of the design community, both on stage and off. This series aims to build a deeper understanding of what work is being done and engage in discussions around the impact of structural oppression on our communities, the social position of designers in the larger theatre industrial complex, the interconnectedness of artistry and advocacy, and strategies for co-creating a roadmap into the future. There’s a lot to cover. We’re not going to get to everything or everyone this time around. Luckily, this is only the beginning.

Illuminating the Careers of Disabled Lighting

Three Costume Designers Meet for Tea on the Edge of a Cliff

Design with an Equity Lens

Industry or Community

DESIGN Meeting

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