COVID-19 Resources

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Published March 2020


W2 Workers – sign up for unemployment (Minnesota link). Waiting could mean lower benefits.

  • Apply online and keep trying as they are experiencing a high volume of applicants. You have the best chance of success right away in the morning.
  • If you get a technical error, report it.  Technical errors are being fixed but may not ‘work’ until the system reset at midnight.  Try again.

1099 WorkersDisaster Unemployment Assistance for those ineligible for regular unemployment insurance.  This applies because coronavirus has been declared a disaster.

Mental Health Resources

You will find people in your life who are in crisis from anxiety or fear.  When you find them (they may be you), there are people that can help – professionals who know how to intervene.


Workers in the entertainment industry have been writing to their elected officials to include theater workers in economic relief funding.


Forms to Contact your Congresspersons

Dear (Senator/Congress Person),

As you know the Covid-19 virus is devastating our communities. 
We know that basic survival is our most important need. 
We recognize The Arts give people hope and are key to community health. 
We know by experience every disaster raises needs for Art. 
Performing Arts in particular heal communities divided by crisis. 
We need temporary support to keep artists and Arts alive. 
It is urgent to fund Arts, Performing Arts Presenters, Artists, and Arts Professionals.

I urge you to fund support for temporary relief for artists and arts organizations.

(Your Name)

Stories for the Media

Writers want to amplify your story of how this is affecting you.  Capture the full impact of what this is happening to our industry.  Your story matters!

  • Technicians for Change! – This is our email.  If we receive enough, we’ll compile an article of stories for our next newsletter.
  • WorkdayMinnesota.orgA University of Minnesota-based Labor newsletter focusing on the rights of workers everywhere.
  • Tell NPR – about layoffs, pay cuts, and furloughs.
  • Citizens for the Arts – A survey trying to see who lost work, how much work was lost, and show how valuable Arts are to the US economy.

Other Resources

You will find people in your life who need physical help right now.  Some will need money for rent, some will need food.

These groups have established ways for you to get help now, and to be supported until this passes.  Look them over. Some sites are long lists of people willing to help.

Emergency Funding and Support

Food and Utility Assistance, Caregiver Resources

Learning Resources

Many companies made learning resources free to entertainment professionals.

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