Wishing you a Kind Holiday

Published December 2019

Hello, out there 

Welcome to December.  Winter is here and the Solstice approaches.  The Holidays are upon us again.


This year, I do not wish you a Merry Christmas nor a happy holiday.  Those are hard to feel on the third day of double shows, and “happy” doesn’t shovel sidewalks at 1 am.  Traditional feelings are great for a traditional holiday season. 2019 feels different and, to honor that, let’s do something differently this year.

Instead I hope that you have a Kind holiday.  Kindness has gone missing from parts of our lives possibly in pursuit of pleasure or comfort or – in some cases – the pursuit of Being Right. Looking back, do you want to think about the car that cut you off or would you prefer to dwell on someone who was generous toward you?  Do you want to remember anyone who was rude? I would far rather think about those who were affectionate toward me. And I think you would, too. We all prize kindness when it arrives.

And I do not mean bland niceness, that beige agreeable salve some spread around to avoid conflict.  I believe people crave generosity of spirit toward those around them, good friendship with their treasured beloved, and consideration for all others.  And I believe we can start sharing those right now.

So this year, from all of us at Technicians for Change, may you have a Kind Holiday season, wherein you and those around you act more friendly than not, generous whenever possible, and considerate at every instance. 

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