Safety Bad Ass

Wall of Pride

Badge art by Doreen

Awarded to: Jeremy Ellarby
Submitted by: Kiki Klun

I would like to nominate Jeremy Ellarby as a Safety Bad Ass.
He called me to see if I could come sit with him while he finished his work at BCT. He just needed another person in the room since his last electrician had gone home an hour earlier and he was doing extension ladder work by himself. He said he could tell he was getting tired, but he really needed to finish a few more things, so [my son and I] kept him company and were there in case of an emergency. I was glad he called and was out the door as soon as I could because I wanted him to know that I was glad he asked (and I live <2 miles away). So no one explicitly told him to work alone, but it was implied that there was a deadline he had to meet regardless of his safety.

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